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R.I.P. Lonesome George

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このTumblrは : 気に入ったものを集めてひとりわくわくしているページです。おいしそうなもの/素敵なグッズ/カメ(turtle/tortoise)などが好きです。動かざることカメの如し

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The Best and funniest videos of Cute Kittens and more! Los mejores y divertidos videos de gatitos lindos y mas ! 最善とおかしなかわいい子猫以上のビデオ! 可爱的小猫和更多的最好的和最有趣的视频!

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Pretty hands: South American red-footed tortoise (Geochelone carbonaria) by National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore

I caught a Red eared slider a couple weeks ago, and we decided to name him Dexter Morgan. I had left about 10 minnows in the tank with him. I returned home 3 hours later and he had bit a chunk out of each and every one of them.

LOOK: Rare Turtles Spotted!

The Pacific Leatherback sea turtle has been an endangered species since 1970, and their population has decreased an estimated 95% in the last 25 years. Known as the largest sea turtle in the world, the species survived the extinction of the dinosaurs more than 65 million years ago. Recently, its sighting along the Northern California is of deep concern to marine biologists, as the America’s Cup threatened its migration and safety.