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Build-up of imported cars at the port of Newark, New Jersey

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black cat audition, hollywood, 1961.

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Gunther von Hagens, acid-corrosion cast of the arteries of the adult human hand


"Mammatus clouds are most often associated with the anvil cloud and severe thunderstorms. They often extend from the base of a cumulonimbus, but may also be found under altocumulus, altostratus, stratocumulus, and cirrus clouds, as well as volcanic ash clouds. When occurring in cumulonimbus, mammatus are often indicative of a particularly strong storm or perhaps even a tornadic storm."

Thousands of new motorcycles are parked at the Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta at August, 5, waiting for ships to transport them to Indonesia’s provinces. (Supri/Reuters) #vehicular


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