Garden room filled with plants

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The Sun Parasol has the most deeply saturated red on the market, and everyone has fallen head over heels for velvety flowers.

Hall facade curtain Bali is set chair Timber create a natural atmosphere

Orchid? No Calico Flower also known as Dutchman's Pipe. The Swallowtail Butterflies love this.

~~ Snail Creeper Vine ~~ has the MOST DIVINE scent, produces seed pods easily collected to plant for next season

The Rangoon Creeper is a ligneous vine that can reach from 2.5 meters to up to 8 meters. They grow from 7 to 15 centimeters. The flowers are fragrant and tubular and their color varies from white to pink to red. The 30 to 35 mm long fruit is ellipsoidal and has five prominent wings. The fruit tastes like almonds when mature. Rangoon Creeper is found in thickets or secondary forests of the Philippines, India and Malaysia. It has since been cultivated and naturalized in tropical areas.

I live too far north to grow these, they are called bag flowers or tropical bleeding hearts. they vine

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