Lee Gil Rae: Tree, Copper Wire. Lee Gil Rae’s enormous forests of steel and copper send the viewer to a contemporary interpretation of nature. The artist recreates it, take control of it and shape it as his wills. This process result in abstract, old and mysterious forest, surreal and leafless, where spiraling branches, unnatural in structure but yet embodied of an organic feel, draw the viewer to the artist’s inner forest.

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Max Kong: Spots, 2008, Mixed Medium on Canvas, 120 x 120cm. Represented by Ode To Art. Max Kong transform the abstract art into another form of materialist geometry that is organized in a way that brings a new approach to the three dimensional art. To him the composition is defined by how artist as the creator decided for the shape, amount and position of material in order to affect the space within the artwork and surrounding the artwork.

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Lee Gil Rae

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PLTF 两难 by Zheng Hong Xiang

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Ode To Art | Contemporary Art Gallery with Paintings and Sculptures

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Max Kong: Intermissions, 2007, Mixed Medium on Canvas, 150 x 180cm. Represented by Ode To Art. Into the vibrating surface of the painting, being rhythmically depicted by the harmonious circular movements in expansion, in which each materialistic existence of paints penetrate and vibrate the surface to pass to the other side beyond our perception.

Rujiman: The Party II, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 150 x 150cm. Represented by Ode To Art.

Rujiman: Under the Waterfall, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 70cm. Represented by Ode To Art.

Rujiman: Moving and enjoy together , 2016, Oil on Canvas, 150 x 200cm. Represented by Ode To Art.

Rujiman: Playing and moving , 2016, Oil on Canvas, 110 x 140cm. Represented by Ode To Art.

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