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"Candy on the Row"- 2012 Maryland Pinterest Pitch Contest

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A new, fun, fresh, and unique candy store for Bethesda Row in Bethesda, MD

The vision..

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Ultimate Objective: give consumers of all ages a place to "be like a kid in a candy store" (definition: to be very happy and excited about the things around you, and often to react to them in a way which is silly and not controlled)

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PinkBerry, Yogiberry, CakeLove, Georgetown Cupcakes.. What ever happened to candy stores?

Demand is high!! Give the people what they want!

There's only so much you can do with cupcakes..boring! But thanks for increasing our foot traffic:)

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Do you even taste the yogurt? Its the candy toppings people enjoy!

Customized candy bars + candy buffets + favors + parties = profit beyond a bag of candy and something the competition doesnt offer

Get the name out, build relationships, please the customer, and hope they come back for more! Local marketing will be the key to getting a line out the door from day one.

Nina Bonis, Owner: Former ad exec on Hershey's account, enjoying a client funded trip to Hershey Park:) With this marketing background business will be booming!

Candy on the Row will provide a source to help out the community, while selling a product that makes people happy--it's a win win.