Since this is an action adventure game the protagonist will be picking up items as they go along. So I want some sort of a pouch to store these items in. I liked the idea of a pouch mounted on the side of a belt for my characters design and this one looks pretty much like I envisioned it.

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I also wanted my character to have spiked up hair. Almost anime like in appearance. By this I mean big spiked up hair that looks like its defying gravity. This picture I found is a good example of this but its not to over the top.

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For my characters body type, I'd want it to be athletic but not overly muscular. I want the balance that would allow the character to have some strength if needed, but also be able to move about the world for long periods of time without tire. This picture of a sprinter is close to the body type I want for my character.

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I wanted my character to have an adventure type look and also to give some form of protection for the characters eyes, especially in a dusty/ rocky environment. I personally thought the steam punk look of these goggles would suit the character very well.

Again another variant on goggles for my protagonist. Not as steam punk as the others but they still have the sort of look I'd want for my main character.

It seem's right that if my character is to have the adventure look, that he would have appropriate clothing and footwear. Especially because adventure's normally involve a lot of walking I decided to give my character appropriate footwear. Walking/ hiking boots seem appropriate.

Another variant on the type of hairstyle I want my main character to have. This one again has the gravity defying look and spikiness that I'm aiming for.

Another variation on the outdoor trousers. This one showing how they vary in design and appearance. They also offer utility as well as protection which for an adventurer is a good thing.

Again fitting in with the adventurer theme of the character, I wanted some sort of protective, high durability leg wear to be worn. These out doors trousers not only offer protection but also look unique in design.

For securing the previously mentioned pouches to my character, I wanted military style belts to hold them in place around the waist. I would however make them bigger then normal for the style of the character and so that they would actually be able to hold a pouch to the character.

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