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{Pancakes with berries and mascarpone.}

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Cream Cheese Frosting for Fruit Pizza

Crêpes arc-en-ciel / Rainbow pancakes

Breakfast Friday

GF Mini Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes with Lemon Yogurt + Goat Cheese Sauce |

によるInstagramの写真ficklekitten - Breakfast for lunch. Anything goes because it's rainy Sunday. I made buckwheat pancakes, and picked some small flowers from the back yard. お昼過ぎに朝ごはんw 雨の日曜日だからいいんです〜蕎麦粉のパンケーキを焼き終わったらお庭のお花を載せてみたくなりました。 皆様は月曜日, エンジンかけて頑張ってくださいね!

昨日焼いたパンケーキが数枚残ってたからワンプレートに♫ちなみに次女の朝ごはん。長女と長男は目玉焼きごはん - @ms7264- #webstagram


Maple pecan cupcakes with tiny buttermilk pancakes.

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Mini Pancake Appetizers ~ bridal shower brunch sKewers

Make really big pancakes, layer them with fruit and cut like cake for breakfast on special occasions.