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日本酒蔵元 加茂錦 kamonishiki 濾過されていない日本酒本来の味が楽しめる黄酒というお酒のポスター。文字から中身が透けるというパッケージのアイデンティティをそのままポスターにした。 写真:伊藤菜衣子 (Saiko Camera)

Japanese sake

SAKE. In Japan sake means any alcoholic beverage. Nihonshu is the term for what we call sake. Wow love that sake bottle!

Japanese sake with matcha.

Japanese Sake

rihaku, sake. Not sure, if it has been pined already, but I really like it.

Minimalist packaging design for this Sake bottle inspired by Japanese bamboo. The cap doubles as a sake cup.

日本酒包装设计 (Japanese wine packaging design)

this is sake a traditional japanese beer some say its good but to be honest its not but u can get sweetened sake

kazuya koike. sake cups made from japanese cedar.