Tag said: Oiran ... the red colar and the 3 legged back paint suggest Maiko. Elaborate hair style could be due to a festival performance.

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花魁ギャラリー | 京都最大規模の花魁体験スタジオESPERANTO

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浴衣セット 花魁コーデ 12点 荒木さやか着用 牡丹あじさい

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アムステルダム創作の旅ツアー その1 : 豆千代News

Striking & elegant : the Focal for me is this colour combination (in the fabrics of the kimono which she chose to put together )...... Japanese Orian


Oiran (花魁) - Oiran were the highest class of courtesans in Edo (now known as Tokyo). An oiran was valued not only for her beauty and charm, but also her wit, knowledge, and skill in traditional Japanese arts. Their dress often consisted of layers of ornate kimono and extremely elaborate hairstyles, with one distinguishing feature being an obi tied at the front of the body rather than at the back. Though there are no longer any oiran left in Japan because of laws.

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打掛 和装ヘア 多肉植物 リーゼント

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