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一反木綿(Wikipedia) 土佐光信の「百鬼夜行絵巻」中の布の妖怪

Japanese monster (yokai, bakemono) The Bakemono Zukushi handscroll, painted in the Edo period (18th-19th century) by an unknown artist, depicts 24 traditional monsters that once used to spook the people of Japan. Oyajirome (親白眼) has a bulging eye on the back of its head and a claw on its one-fingered hand.

Kaikidan Ekotoba monster scroll --

Long noses yokai by Kawanabe Kyosai // Ashinaga-Tenaga + Tengu mix, I suppose

Hajikkaki (はぢっかき) from "化物尽絵巻;Bakemonodukushi-emaki" by 北斎季親;Hokusai-Suechika

山地乳(やまちち)『絵本百物語』第二巻 1841年(天保12年)眠っている人間の寝息を吸い取り、その様子を他の誰かに見られていれば、寝息を吸われた者の寿命が延びるが、誰にも見られていなければ、その者は翌日に死んでしまうという。Specter Yamachichi

The black creature on the right was born by a dog that mated with a bird in the city of Fukuoka in the early 1740s. Next to the bird-dog hybrid is an amorphous white monster -- also encountered in Fukuoka -- which is said to have measured about 180 centimeters (6 ft) across. People at the time believed this creature was a raccoon dog that had shape-shifted.