It is real pond, such as like the Claud Monet paintings in Seki, Gifu pref. Not a painting...【人気急上昇中】まるで絵画…「名前のない池」は幻級の美しさでした - Find Travel

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0151 朝一朝市/ラオス



錦天満宮(京都) Nishiki Tenmangu, Kyoto, Japan

The Forest of Columns in the Mosque of Córdoba, Spain. One of the most typical view from inside the Mosque. The highest number of columns in a single picture to try to recreate the feeling of the famous "forest of columns." If you have not lot of people in the visit, it really looks like a forest. This picture corresponds to the section of Almanzor (Al-Mansur, who almost doubled the area of the mosque in the late X.

1000 PTSBYD: The Flower of al-Andalus

Mosque of Cordoba (Andalusia, Spain)

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