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Croissant // 11 bakery bestsellers in Germany Of course France has the tastier Croissants, but they're a staple of any Sunday brunch in Germany, where they're sometimes referred to as Hörnchen (little horns) because of their shape. Croissants are often enjoyed with jam or Nutella. And, for those who are not watching their waistlines, they sometimes come with a chocoloate filling.


Milchbrötchen (milk roll) // 11 bakery bestsellers in Germany For kids and those who prefer just a touch of sweetness to their breakfast or snack, most bakeries offer so-called Milkbrötchen - a fluffy white dough prepared with a dash of milk and either raisins or chocolate chips inside. Since it's easy to confuse the two kinds of black spots, ask before odering so you don't expect chocolate and bite into a aged grape instead.


Brezel (soft pretzel) // 11 bakery bestsellers in Germany A man in lederhosen drinks a beer at a blue-and-white checked table. A soft pretzel - sliced horizontally and slathered with butter - will inevitably lie next to the beer in any stereotypical image of Bavaria. The southern specialty, known in the south as Brez'n and elswhere as Brezel, can be found across Germany. Many bakeries take typical pretzel dough and roll it into sticks or rounds instead.


Baby open-faced sandwiches.

Vollkornbrot (whole grain bread) // 11 bakery bestsellers in Germany Germans must have good digestion, because they love whole grains and often throw multiple varieties into a single loaf of bread. From pumpernickel to rye and spelt, most loaves on the shelf are dark brown and scream, "I'm healthy!" For good measure, they're often covered with pumpkin, sesame or poppy seeds. Rolls are eaten for breakfast, sliced bread is common with cheese and meat in the evening.

Germany:West Roggenbrot - ライ麦パン ライ麦のパーセンテージが90%以上と非常に高いドイツ人が好んで食べるドッシリとした酸味のあるパン。