FWı Electric Motorcycle Conversion

It's about converting regular motorcycles into electric vehicles, using an electric motor, a motor controller and really powerful batteries. The FWı project at NUS pursues motorcycle conversion using the frame of a Honda CBR400.
14 ピン15 フォロワー

trial run of FWı in UTown, NUS

pin 2

Honda CBR400 stripped, before conversion to electric vehicle

finally arrived: finish line of WAVE 2014

group photo of students involved in FWı

at the finish line of WAVE 2014, Ayush being interviewed by Swiss television

Brian working on the battery mount

Ayush with his custom-made dashboard for FWı

some pictures from WAVE 2014

riding FWı in the Alps, during WAVE 2014

sharing the third prize in the motorcycle category at WAVE 2014, with French team Souris vertes

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