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日本語 Today's Homemade Temari-Sushi. Temari means "hand ball " a traditional embroidered ball. I made with Ootoro : fatty Tuna Tai : sea bream Ikura : Salmon roe Salmon Hotate : scallop and some fresh veggies. I added same plum blossom as yesterday. I really love this flower can't wait to have spring soon ! . . 今日の手まり寿司食材はトロ鯛ホタテイクラサーモンと野菜です 作ろうと思ってたデザインを作るのを忘れていて終わった後で気が付きました 次にしよう 料理始める前にノートへ企画書(私が仕事でやってるような)みたいに書かないといけないかもね物忘れの激しい年頃 by creative_life_by_pupuce_bebe

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✨Things To Do When in Oita by ✨ Oita prefecture is located at the Eastern part of Kyushu Island in Japan. It is also known as one of the prefectures that has a lot of commercial spa...

Saitama, one of Japan's 47 prefectures, is just north of Tokyo. Here are some of the activities you can do while in Saitama: 1. Try on a yukata / kimono at "Little Edo" Kawagoe 2. Attend Koedo Kawa...

See all the flower festivals, try Sakura flavoured everything!

Nagoya Station (名古屋駅)

わたしは なごや にいきたい です。 つるま こうえん にいきたい です。たのしいです。

10 Things To Do In Osaka, Japan

10 Things To Do In Osaka, Japan - Hand Luggage Only - Travel, Food & Home Blog

Universal Studios Japan (ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン (USJ))

いつでも投稿、自由にカスタマイズ、お気に入りのブログを見つけてフォローしよう。 自分だけのTumblrブログを今すぐ作ろう!

Hokkaido (北海道)

10 Things to Do in Hokkaido

Laforet HARAJUKU (ラフォーレ原宿)


Chiba City (千葉市)

Welcome to Chiba~! (。´∀`)ノ JapanLover Yuna from Sydney, Australia ( helped us list 10 things you can do. Art by Little Miss Paintbrush