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・simmered meat and potatoes ・boiled smelt ・Sliced cucumbers and tuna and bean sprout salad with a mayonnayse and soy souse dressing. ・stewed pumpkin

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Dinner. Cook samon, Sauteed burdock root and carot and Komatsuna(vegi similar to spinach), Sliced cucumbers and sucallop adducutor salad with a mayonnayse and soy souse dressing, Chinere fried dish eggplanta and tofu (cutting into bite-size pieces) and buchmgae(chinese pankake) seasoned miso,coriander,and so on. I wanna cut down on eating-out and fast food by preference for my health.

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salad with chikin & mashroom.

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Start make healthy menu for my family from today!!


Cookies with pumpkin and sinnamon. I baked this for my co-worker who had been working in the past time.

Japanese oden using flozen meals.

Last Sunday, the refrigerator was almost empty. I thought "That's a bother,what am I gonna do about dinner tonight?" It's such a hassle to consider a way to make dinner in this case. So I cooked up frozen meals, thaw out frozen o-den(Japanese Potaufeu) and boil thoroughly with seafood and vegetables cutting into small pieces. I felt It tastes good pretty well, but it invite my family's criticism. Sorry, but in such circumstances, there's no alternative. I can't help it, in rare…

made for homeparty with my huccleberry friends who gradueted elementary school together.