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Know Everything about #Coffee

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世界のコーヒー消費量 TOP30 / 世界各国の1人あたりの年間コーヒー消費量を、コーヒーカップ(120cc)の杯数で換算してみました。世界で最もコーヒーを飲むルクセンブルグでは、1日平均7.79杯。日本人は0.93杯なので、なんと8倍に!

How #Coffee Grows

DID YOU KNOW? - It takes 5 years for a coffee tree to mature. The journey of a coffee bean from seed to cup is a long adventurous one! It begins high in the mountains of tropical countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Sumatra, or even America where coffee grows in Hawaii. Read more about "How a coffee tree seed becomes liquid happiness"

Coffee Infographic from growing the shrub to the final coffee cup. #coffee, #coffeebean, #coffeeplant, #coffeegrowing, #coffeeprocess, #infographic, #infographics

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#Coffee : From Tree to Cup | #Infographic

Types of Roasted Coffee