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Poor penguin! The board says, 'Today's penguin's meal is undecided.'


Emperor Penguin

David Chin - 没有過不去的事情,只有過不去的心情,很多事情之所以過不去是因為心裡放不下

King Penguin Chick by Julien Beytrison: 'Oakum Boys' is the nickname for the brown juvenile King Penguins. (Picking oakum, a fiber such as hemp or jute obtained by unraveling old ropes was a job given in Victorian times to children and prisoners. The fiber was then tarred and used for caulking the seams of wooden ships.) #KIng_Penguin #Oakum_Boy

Gentoo penguins are quite distinct from any other penguin

もふもふ画像スレ - まめ速

17 Animals Who Can Tell You Need A Hug

私たちは、,動物,Awww Priceless,Sommes Les,Hug 17,There S Snow,Snow Click,Tail Feather,Footed Boobies

Rare white penguin

Emperor Penguin Chick by Klein-Hubert