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アイヌ文様~深化~深吸~進化~トライ! - Kewtum Diary

Japanese Kyogen theater actor, Mansai NOMURA 狂言 野村萬斎

Kasuga-taisha Shrine (春日大社)

These are miko shrine maidens performing a special Shinto Shaden Kagura dance ritual during the annual On-Matsuri festival, a traditional Shinto religious festival held at the Kasuga Wakamiya Shrine in the ancient Japanese city of Nara, Japan. In older days, miko were considered shamans, but today they take on a more lighter role as priestesses or ceremonial duties.

Kyoto’s Aoi Matsuri Festival, Japan

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Japanese mounted archery, Yabusame 流鏑馬

강화고인돌체육관 (Ganghwa Dolmens Gymnasium)

Almaz Toichuev of Kyrgyzstan performs during the wushu final men's daoshu at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon on September 21, 2014. (c)AFP/Bay ISMOYO ▼22Sep2014AFP|【特集】カメラがとらえたアジア大会のワンシーン #Incheon2014 #Wushu_at_the_2014_Asian_Games #Mens_daoshu_and_gunshu #刀術棍術全能


美しすぎる日本の伝統儀式「流鏑馬 (やぶさめ)」陰陽道で宇宙と呼応する画像 26選

美しすぎる日本の伝統儀式「流鏑馬 (やぶさめ)」陰陽道で宇宙と呼応する画像 26選 | DDN JAPAN

先日の流鏑馬 - ツイナビ | ツイッター(Twitter)ガイド