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Japanese Sweets "wagashi", だるま

Early summer limited-cinnamon cookie dough pastry from Kyoto called "hydrangea" 京都で見つけたかわいい初夏限定・生八つ橋菓子「アジサイ」

Daruma cookies. Daruma are traditional Japanese dolls. They're usually sold with blank eyes. You fill in one eye when you set a goal, and the other when you achieve it. They're a symbol of perseverence and good luck.

wagashi for Children's Day

Hachijo-jima delicious life - Suites Island in June

Japanese crafts - Japanese sweets, Wagashi is made by craftsman, one by one.


wagashi, japanese cake

粉嫩的色調與童稚的線條,讓拉拉熊造型的三色布丁可愛得讓人驚呼|布丁,熊,甜點,生活,美食|我的穿搭我的時尚|FG StyleWall 美圖牆