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日本人のおやつ♫(^ω^) Japanese Sweets ゴマちゃん大福 Squee! Seal daifuku (mochi) from Twitter user @ushihito.


瑠璃飴~天地人ゆかりの地の、歴史ある甘味~ - みつみつの台所~いとおしくおいしい毎日

Ruri-ame (wagashi) : Takahashi Magozaemon Shoten (Lasted more than 300 years, long-established Japanese confectionery shop) , Japan


ランドセル Randoseru - wagashi

Wagashi - みどりや :さくら、春の水 Cherry blossoms & Spring River

Japanese sweets or Afternoon Tea, even.


An early summer wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) of 'lily of the valley' motif. The gradated dough & flowers are made of ういろう (uirō) a sweet rice jelly, with 白餡 (shiro-an) a white bean jam fillings. ☆ぼかしを入れたういろう生地に、ういろうで出来たスズラン。中は白餡。

Japanese Rainbow Tea Cakes with Sweet Red Bean Filling

Japanese sweets, Wagashi 和菓子

image craftsmanship ♡ delicate to make crowded the sweets is you are introduced in nice ♡ cute