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This is a bad logo type. The font is okay but the spacing is atrocious. There is too much space between letters. In other designs this works because the font is easy enough to read and the words are simple, but this is a long word in a weird font with weird spacing that makes someone keep stopping as they try to read it. Also the spacing between the S and the P, along with the O and the R doesn't exist and it should, drawing attention to the larger, uninterrupted shape, which should be the…

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悪いロゴ,ロゴデザイン,3352 Bad

Bad Logo - It looks very formal and does not relate to pizza at all. It looks like a business card for exterminator/locksmith business. -CD

ABCD-and-Head-Start-Logo-HD.png (1140×503)

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Bad Design: No consistent color palette and if you're gonna add images at least have the decency to remove the BG please.

Bad Logo- Jackie Salgado

悪いロゴ,3352 Bad,Bad Symbols,Don T Logo,Barf

Like/unlike—it is nice, but not proper to be a logo. Brain Tumour UK logo | Logok

悪いロゴ,悪いデザイン,ロゴデザイン,3352 Bad,Bad Symbols