Diced Watermelon with Sea Grapes スイカと海ぶどう

沖縄で新発見! 海ぶどうの新しい食べ方

Shurikinjo stone path, Okinawa 首里金城町の石畳

Okinawa Soba 沖縄そば

Umibudo Kelp, aka “Sea Grapes” or “Green Caviar” - Japan Okinawan Speciality|海ぶどう

Sanshin / 三線 is an Okinawan musical instrument and precursor of the Japanese shamisen. Traditionally, it was covered with the skin of the Burmese python, but today, due to CITES regulations, the skin of the python reticulatus is also used.

"Bingata: Colors and Shapes of the Ryukyu Dynasty" presents 245 examples of vibrantly colored textiles and stencils produced in the Ryukyu Kingdom, which between the 14th and 19th centuries ruled over the area now known as Okinawa Prefecture. . . bingata (Ryukyuan traditional resist-dyed textiles), the mesh of cultures visible in these -these objects on display at the Suntory Museum of Art make a strong case for Japan's largely underestimated cultural diversity."


Goya bitter melon salad with somen noodles ザーサイ風味のゴーヤそうめん

古民家で宿泊 : 沖縄座間味島『自然体験・海・宿』まほろば~okinawa

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