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Can Sideways Toe-Stretching Defeat Foot Problems?

Can Sideways Toe-Stretching Defeat Foot Problems? - WSJ

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Dimitri Halikias on

Dimitri Halikias on Twitter: "MIT and Chicago have the lowest share of students from rich and highest share of students from poor backgrounds …"

「高齢者は75歳から」 学会が提言 : 日本経済新聞

Wall Street Journal on

Wall Street Journal on Twitter: "Japan to increase military spending for fifth year in a row"

Here's the hierarchy of luxury brands around the world

Pyramid of luxury brands - Business Insider


つみこ on

つみこ@0日目 on Twitter: "何食えってんだ"

食べれる・見れる…ら抜き言葉、初の多数派 : 日本経済新聞

Stacy Herbert on

Stacy Herbert on Twitter: "For my American followers, this is the UK. My friend received this today. She hasn't ever had a TV. #NotNorthKorea"

落雷待つスカイツリー 世界も注目の観測拠点