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Calligraphy of the character 美, meaning beauty. Artist unknown.

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dance written in chinese calligraphy.

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Tanka poems by Lady Yosano Akiko 与謝野晶子 (1878-1942), Japan 君こひし寝てもさめても黒髪を梳きても筆の柄をながめても "While sleeping, / waking, / combing my black hair, / looking at my stem of a writing-brush, / I just missing you." (Calligraphy by Mariko Kinoshita)


Japanese poems by FUJIWARA no Teika (1162-1241)「春の夜の 夢の浮橋とだえして 峰にわかるる 横雲の空」"As the floating bridge / Of my spring night dream breaks / A bank of clouds parts from the peak / In the dawn sky." (calligraphy by SUZUKI Gyoshou)

Calligraphy by Tsuneko KUMAGAI (1893~1986), Japan

Japanese poem by Lady Ukon from the one hundred poems by one hundred poets : I am forsaken / but about myself I don't care / I must fear instead / for the life you swore away / when we made our vows of love 忘らるる身をば思はず誓ひてし 人の命の惜しくもあるかな

Japanese poem by Fujiwara no Okikaze from Ogura 100 poems (early 13th century) 誰をかも 知る人にせむ 高砂の 松も昔の 友ならなくに "Who is still alive / When I have grown so old / That I can call my friends? / Even Takasago's pines / No longer offer comfort." (calligraphy by yopiko)

「幸」, it means “happiness”. It can be pronounced 「しあわ-せ」 (shiawa-se), 「さち」(sachi) and 「こう」 (kou). 「あなたは幸せですか。」 "Are you happy?"