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Japanese Important Cultural Property, Statue of Shaka Nyorai 木造釈迦如来立像(茨城県大洋村 福泉寺)


A magnificent large wood figure of Manjusri seated on a lion. China, Yuan dynasty, 14th century

Head of an Attendant Bodhisattva Northern Qi dynasty ca. 565–75 China Limestone with pigment

CHINE Guanyin, Bodhisattva of Compassion. Chinese, Jin dynasty, about 1200.

Chine - Bhodisattva dynastie Jin

Bodhisattva Guanyin Dynastie Jin


十一面観音像 8世紀 京都 蟹満寺

Japanese Important Cultural Property, A standing statue of 11-faced Kannon Bosatsu 十一面観音菩薩立像(海龍王寺)

ALONGTIMEALONE: great-china: 南海观音 Guanyin of the Southern Sea

Gilt bronze figure of a seated Guanyin. China, Qing dynasty, probably 18th/19th century

Ishaupanishad Ungyo