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"Shimekazari" in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. Photography by Alex Abian of Flickr. Many Japanese decorate the entrances of their homes with Shimekazari during the New Year’s season to ward off evil spirits. They are made of Shimenawa, sacred Shinto rope of rice straw, used to indicate the sacred areas where gods descend.


Make a Temari Ball

How to make a Temari Ball. Temari balls are a traditional Japanese toy/decoration given for good luck in the new year. You can make your own in approximately 20 minutes with simple materials.


Decoration for new year's day Japanese rice cake


New Year Wreath--Japanese Modern 注連縄飾り・新春リース第2弾♪|Rachel Berry the Secret Attic


A4プリント「ドールガール」 日本人形。 絵 イラスト アート|イラスト|KUMIKO|ハンドメイド通販・販売のCreema

Flower arrangements

Japanese New Year - Hanetsuki (羽根突き) Hanetsuki is a traditional Japanese game commonly associated with New Year celebrations. It is similar to Western badminton, but without a net. The paddles, called hagoita (羽子板), are often sold for decorative purposes, serving as a New Years good luck charm.

しめ飾り しめ縄 お正月飾り お正月リース 注連 お正月飾り★紅白のモダンな壁飾り★お正月リース 玄関ドア用しめ飾り|Coppe Craft Workshop

Japanese new year's decoration

しめ飾り しめ縄 お正月飾り お正月リース 注連 トラディッショナルなしめ飾り☆紅白の伝統的な注連飾り。当店人気のしめ飾り!|Coppe Craft Workshop

Japanese new year's wreath