lucky cats, i have always wanted one of these

Omamori - Omamori is a Japanese amulet commonly sold at religious sites and is dedicated to particular Shinto deities as well as Buddhist figures. It serves to provide various forms of luck and protection.

Aoi-Matsuri, Kyoto - In front of the exit gate of the Imperial place by Takero Kawabata

Fox Festival- Kitsune Matsuri Okaya - Japan

Hina Matsuri, Girl's Day in japan. Mobiles are called Tsurushi-Bina. All hand made and quite expensive.

This enchanting forest in the Chūgoku region of Japan, is the home to gold fireflies that charm the area regularly with their blinking sassiness.

Goldfish scooping game at the summer carnival, Japan 夏夜の思い出

Girls' festival decoration in Yanagawa, Fukuoka, Japan

Bride wearing a kitsune mask

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