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Awa Odori - any “cultured” person is expected to perform some type of entertainment regardless of his or her ability or talent. Awa odori is among the most famous folk dancing during Bon festivals- to honor the spirits of one's ancestors. Unlike other Bon dances, Awa dancers "march" through the streets in unison in a straight line chanting, "It's a fool who dances and a fool who watches; if both are fools, you might as well dance!"


Little girl in kimono

oiran hairstyle, japan

A woman dressed in junihitoe at a kimono photography experience.

Oh. My. Word. Her face seems to have been digitally lightened, but her robes certainly appear to be alll silver/metallic. I'm not sure to what extent this is real or enhanced, but it is GORGEOUS.

junihitoe kimono

It is a kimono for the celebration of the 7-year-old.

junihitoe heian kimono

A traditional dance by au2300