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Living Still Life <3 (Washitsu - 和室 - Japanese room) (Meigetsu-in - 明月院) in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

Kamigamo Shrine in Snow, Kyoto

Japanese temple, snow

くろ steamin teapot

籠釣瓶より八ツ橋 坂東玉三郎 Tamasaburo Bandou

Tadami Line in Fukushima, Japan 只見線 福島

Toro Nagashi (灯籠流し) is a Japanese ceremony in which participants float paper lanterns (chōchin) down a river; tōrō is traditionally another word for lantern, while nagashi means “cruise, flow”.

Fall maple leaves, Koto-in, a sub-temple of Daitoku-ji, Kyoto, Japan

Gong Li. Vogue.

A window of Enlightenment at Unryu-in temple, Kyoto, Japan