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80s Fashion Tip # 4 – Hip Hop

Hip-Hop fashion -- Athletic street style of over sized clothes, jerseys, and running shoes originating from the South Bronx in the late 1980s linked to hip hop music.

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1990’s Rave scene

1990s Raver fashion -- Outrageous tie dyed, psychedelic, dance-wear worn at huge dance parties. Style was heavily influenced by ecstasy and other drugs.

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Deconstructionalist Fashion Design -- Clothes that were intentionally destroyed, seams and linings were left on the outside of garments, zippers were exposed, and edges were left unfinished. (Vanessa Leyonhjelm 1994)

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Postmodernism in fashion -- Clothing that rejects the traditional meaning for clothes, protection and necessity, and makes it more symbolic and aesthetic. (Vivienne Westwood)

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Goth fashion -- Often black clothing and accessories reminiscent of dress from gothic novels and art.

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Grunge fashion -- In 1993, Jean Paul Gaultier told Vogue that grunge "is nothing more than the way we dress when we have no money".

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Yuppie fashion -- The style of dress adopted by "young, upwardly mobile professionals" who worked white collar jobs and wore power suits.

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Minimalist Fashion Design -- Styles with minimal ornamentation, neutral colors, and clean lines. (Comme des Garçons)

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Postmodernism in art, design and architecture -- A late 20th century philosophical movement that goes against modernism and previously held beliefs, rejects authority, and challenges the notion of 'art'.

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The New New England Thing: 7 Preppy Looks for Spring

Preppy fashion -- The name derives from private preparatory school where students dressed classically and conservatively in blazers, shirts/blouses, skirts/trousers, and shoes.

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