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Intricate ivory carving.

Hiki-hulisode: Japanese wedding kimono More


振袖専門店 振袖の一蔵

a twisted towel worn around one's head for a headband, Hachi-maki 鉢巻: worn as a symbol of perseverance, effort, and/or courage by the wearer in Japan.

Kodo Odaiko. In Japanese, the word "kodo" means both "heartbeat" and "children of the drum," & "odaiko" means "big drum". One of the traditional Japanese performing arts.

Japanese umbrella, Wagasa 和傘

Emi Takei - Kimono Princess

流鏑馬祭り、祭、鎌倉/Yabusame Festival, Kamakura, Japan.

another piece of "Fleurs de Neige" 於 霞中庵 竹内栖鳳記念館 ボークス”天使の里” @VOLKS Kyoto Tenshi no Sato