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Michelle Alessandra

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狂気の声,Thinspoモデル,ボディを夢見る,スキニーインスピレーション,不気味な,Michelle Alessandra,Shmegeh Michelle,Ladies Michelle,Thinspo Models

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shmegeh: Honestly this might be my favorite wig in the history of wigs. Periwinkle Ferrari from Arda, cut by Haku. My stress levels were off the charts as I sat still with it on my head watching the hair fall. And it will be styled better for the con, for now I am letting it rest.

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友人Ana,ミュート,ボディの目標,彼女はいる,ことわざ,押しつぶす,Michelle Alessandra,Shmegeh Michelle

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Thinspoモデル,スキニー美,薄いスキニー,Ladies Michelle,Shmegeh Michelle,Fash Hurr Idols,Michelle Alessandra,Thinspo Models,Lisbeth Hepburn

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達成不可能な目標,Michelle Alessandra,Shmegeh Michelle,Tatoos,Ck

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狂気の声,友人Ana,ノート,自己愛,Esアモール,美しい,デ·オロ,Sobre Michelle,Proana Mia

Thinspoモデル,狂気の声,Michelle Alessandra,Shmegeh Michelle,Thinspo Models,Ck

プロAna,Ladies Michelle,Shmegeh Michelle,Michelle Alessandra,Ck

狂気の声,Thinspoモデル,プリティ·シングス,Ladies Michelle Levy,Shmegeh Michelle,Michelle Alessandra,Thinspo Models,Shmegeh 3