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a GATSBY item can transform you into different styles.


Winners transformed! feel like having your own Japanese manga portrait now?


have a 360 degree view of the hairstyle done with MOVING RUBBER!


process of transformation.

Which GATSBY MOVING RUBBER did he use to achieve this hairstyle? Choose the appropriate answer from the following: A. he used SPIKY EDGE. B. it must be WILD SHAKE. C. LOOSE SHUFFLE, no doubt. D. definitely GRUNGE MAT

The answer is MULTI FORM. it combines elements of “neatness” and “movement,”, gives you a gentle, natural look. It is perfect for a beautifully integrated while unpretentious styles with visible movement.

what did he use? A: Spiky Edge B: Wild Shake C: Air Rise D: Cool Wet

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at the middle stage of transformation process

Look at the picture and fill in the blank below: GATSBY MOVING RUBBER _______ made these two hairstyles. (P.S. both hairstyles are made with the same MOVING RUBBER) A. COOL WET B. AIR RISE C. WILD SHAKE D. SPIKY EDGE