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Beautiful Spring Green Kimono

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This one, I’m NEARLY sure, is in fact a dance or stage houmongi! The colors are bold and graphic, intended to be seen from far away, and they are printed simply, without the minuscule detail common to semi-formal kimono—and the obi is metallic and houmongi, displayed here without obiage and obijime. But even if this piece is not really a high-fashion product, the design is still lovely enough to warrant a long look. I am a big fan of traditional Japanese water, as seen also on ...

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formalf.jpg (206×544) Hakubi Kyoto Kimono School

"Fujiwara Tamie. She’s showing what a noble woman would wear while traveling. She represents Fujiwara Tamie, the author of Izayo Nikki in the 1200s. Fujiwara Tamie was played by the geiko Umeha from Kamishichiken.” Photography and text by fuyou-hime on Flickr. Jidai Matsuri, Kyoto, Japan. October 22, 2008

ハツコ エンドウ ウェディングス(Hatsuko Endo Weddings) 銀座店

Hatsuko Endo Weddings

レトロ柄袴 白色|レトロ|卒業式 袴レンタルはTAKAZEN-世界一!かわいい卒業式♪レトロ・古典・モードそれともキュート?卒業式どんなテイストで楽しむ?タカゼンなら髪型からトータルコーディネート!

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KYOTO SWEET COLLECTION By Kyoto kimono koubou (1)

【楽天市場】【卒業式・袴レンタル】「縞バラ(オフホワイト)」卒業式 袴 レンタル 女 安い 女性 袴セット 先生 教員卒業式 2尺袖着物&袴フルセットレンタル:ふりふ