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JAPAN3 : 画像

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The Earth Defence widow herself, actress/idol Mitsu Dan, of the defence team JAP (ahem), in director Minoru Kawasaki’s new film, EARTH DEFENCE WIDOW.

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Jpn ad in 1967 不二家のパーマンお菓子広告

MAT's Yuriko Oka (Mika Katsuragi), from Ultraman Jack

Monster Anatomy Studies: What's inside King Ghidorah?

Illustrations by Shoji Ohtomo Anatomical charts are from the book "Kaiju Zukan" ( Monster Picture Book )

Gamera anatomical features in a Kaijū-Kaijin Daizenshū movie monster book series published by Keibunsha in 1972.

Windam, Ultraseven capsule monster

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