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Smart way to keep sake warm.

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Japanese Sake 日本酒

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四季彩草花絵 酒器セット【迎春準備】|ジオクラフト

Japanese spiced sake served at New Year, Otoso お屠蘇

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Japanese Sake

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Japanese Sake 日本酒. The girls I was with insisted that we drink it warmed up. I drank some cold, but I drank alot more warm, and got pretty blotto fast. Live and learn. :)

Osechi dishes #2

Japanese small dish

Sake - an essential ingredient in many Japanese dishes and a great drink. Serve in wooden boxes!

鯛茶漬け Japanese rice with sea bream in hot tea /stock soup.

Sake-Steamed Clams This is a delightfully simple and fast recipe for Japanese-style steamed clams in sake (Japanese rice wine) and kombu (kelp) stock. The clams will usually open within 3 minutes of steaming, and overcooking them will result in shrunken clams with a rubbery texture. Because of the