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オーセンティック(Authentique) 銀座


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手鞠枝垂桜(黒/金)|婚礼和装|ノバレーゼ kimono Japanese wedding

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桜流水に鞠花 kimono Japanese wedding

鳳凰唐草文 kimono Japanese wedding

かわいい堀北真希のヘアスタイル♪ |名古屋 和装前撮り・ロケーション撮影、結婚写真の「北徳」★若女将takakoのブログ|Ameba (アメーバ)

Scans: Contemporary Wedding Kimono | These scans show how the kimono is evolving as formal wear, with traditionally styled kimono being paired with modern hairstyles on almost every page. Motifs and colours are chosen to represent the season as well as having symbolic meaning – for example the crane, which mates for life, represents longevity and fidelity.

Hiki-hulisode: Japanese wedding kimono

Horikita Maki

Wedding kimono

金銀ときわ|婚礼和装|ノバレーゼ kimono Japanese