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Apple millet porridge



Littlemafia's Porridge

2-Ingredient Porridge


Brighten Up Brunch With These Healthy Dishes

Overnight Amaranth Porridge with Mango Puree and Pistachios


17 American Indian-inspired recipes to celebrate the fall: Nasaump

This Wampanoag corn porridge is often mixed with crushed nuts and fresh berries to create a nourishing meal. | #Indian #Cuisine


'Kola Kendha' , Sri Lankan Porridge of Greens. A complete breakfast in itself! 👌💚😊

Akasan also known as AK100 is a staple breakfast for Haitians. I had this a couple of times for breakfast while I was visiting Haiti back...

Haven't had oatmeal in a looooong time😍 for the past few weeks, I've been craving really simple fruit breakfasts, for example, a few bananas, dates, dried figs, etc (dense fruits). But as much as I love fruit, it doesn't keep me satisfied for a very long time— it digests super fast! 🤔🍌 so I'm gonna experiment and eat more starch based meals to see how I feel (and not constantly feel empty😂)

Yulaf:Classic egg white Yulafı sütü/suyu bir veya iki yumurta beyazını karıştırıp pişir

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Instant Oats Rava Dhokla

This recipe for oats rava dhokla gives you another delicious way to eat oats, if you are tired of eating porridge alone.


Breakfast Couscous Recipe |