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Cameron resigns after Brexit defeat

David Cameron dramatically announced his resignation this morning after a shock vote for Brexit that changes the country’s political landscape and shatters the continent’s postwar settlement.

Each of the three powers brought their own agenda to the Yalta Conference. The British wanted to maintain their empire, the Soviets wished to obtain more land and to strengthen conquests, and the Americans wanted to insure the Soviet's entry into the Pacific war and discuss postwar settlement. Moreover, Roosevelt hoped to obtain a commitment from Stalin to participate in the United Nations.

<<「安保法案をめぐる世論③ 内閣支持率への影響」<<「安保法案をめぐる世論② 法案に対する賛否」<<「安保法案をめぐる世論① 法案提出前の状況」このように、内閣支持率の低下は、自民党(連立)政権に対

sound ranging of artillery activity- A graphic record

映画「シャトーブリアンからの手紙」のワンシーン(〔C〕ARTE France -2011-LES CANARDS SAUVAGES -7eme Apache Films-PROVOBIS FILM) ▼10Oct2014時事通信|「戦後の独仏和解象徴」=シュレンドルフ氏最新作

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Arkansas Post Museum State Park

ARKANSAS POST, AR....the first permanent European settlement (1686) in the Mississippi River’s lower valley....the capital of the Arkansas Territory....the site of a major 1863 Civil War battle....STATE PARK & NATIONAL MEMORIAL....a complex of five buildings & exhibits on the history of the Arkansas Grand Prairie and the Delta....includes farm implements, Native American pottery, the 1877 Refeld-Hinman Log House, and the 1933 Carnes-Bonner Playhouse (a made to scale child's playhouse)

Yeah, I skipped Danse first go round. This time? You go on ahead, Paladin, I've got bodies to loot.


Underwater Ocean City for a Future Australia

‘Ocean City’ concept by Arup Biomimetics. Dubbed Syph, the proposed underwater city, evolves into a collection of organisms with specialized functions like energy generation and sustainable food production that work together to form a new underwater city.


Historic Nursing Uniforms: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Nurses continued to wear the long “fever-proof” gowns, with hats that served little purpose beyond identification. No gloves or masks were worn.