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Consonant Blends - br, bl, cr, cl

Teaching phonics is a great way to help your child learn to read and write with confidence! Use this free, printable phonics worksheet to get extra practice with the consonant blends br, bl, br, and cl. Have your young learner look at the image and tell you what it is, and then see if they can choose the correct consonant blend. When they’re finished, have them read the words back to you! Read more at…

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Blends and Digraphs Fluency Books

Blends and Digraphs Fluency Books:This product contains two student booklets:* My Book of Blends* My Book of DigraphsThe books will ask the students to read words that contain consonant blends or digraphs in order to improve their word recognition. and reading fluency.

PhonoPix is a minimal pairs app with 10 decks for the following phonological processes: prevocalic voicing, word final devoicing, final consonant deletion, fronting (palatal and velar), marked blend reduction, unmarked blend reduction, gliding (“l” and “r” sounds), stopping, backing (palatal and velar), and initial consonant deletion. It has 400 pairs of words that contrast the child’s incorrect response with the target response. PhonoPix is a universal binary optimized for the iPhone, iPod…

Consonant blend anchor chart. Great examples for consonant blends. For more anchor charts visit:


Consonant Blends - fr, fl, gr, gl

Help your child improve their reading and writing skills with this free, phonics printable that features the consonant blends fr, fl, gr, and gl. Students must identify what the picture is, and use the rest of the letters to figure out what consonant blend goes at the beginning of the word. What other words does your child know that start with these consonant blends? Read more at…

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R Blends Worksheets and Activities No Prep Pack