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ロシア料理 米

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Russian style salmon Vegetables julienne pie 風 の 包み

タルタル焼きを作ろうと思い準備中に残ったパイ生地発見調べるとロシア料理にHit ありものでなんちゃってだけど美味しかったぁ(*≧艸≦) さっぱりカシス粒マスタードのクリームソースと合わせてみました✌️ 伝統料理の1つらしく、外側はパン生地やパイ生地で覆い、中にはサーモンや主材料を中心にご飯、火を通したキノコやキャベツ、ゆで卵などを詰め、表面に溶き卵を塗ってオーブンで焼き上げるもので、宴会料理を華やかに演出する逸品だそうです✨今回お米無し&あるお野菜で✌️ - 66件のもぐもぐ - Кулебякаクレビャーカ Russian style salmon&Vegetables julienne pieロシア風サーモンのパイ包み by Ami

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ふわとろマッシュポテトのレシピ♡ロシアよりジャガイモを込めて♪ (2ページ目) - macaroni


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So. I’ve been making Plov for many years and it always turned out PERFECTLY. Even my Mom ate my Plov and told me it was better than hers. She’s the best cook I know, so that’s the highest compliment for me. I probably got too cocky. I decided to blog about it and made it …

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Russian Cabbage Pie

This much Russia knows: the chilly, early days of spring go hand-in-hand with cabbage. Throughout the countryside, rows of cabbages can be found poking through the ground even as the last freeze th…

Plov-a classic Russian one pot meal filled with fluffy rice, tender meat and aromatic vegetables.



Prozhki, Russian Stuffed buns

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Russian Plov...A One Pot Chicken and Rice

Plov is the ultimate Russian comfort food. It's a one pot chicken and rice recipe that is packed with flavors and spices and just takes a few steps to reach ultimate rice perfection. Perfect rice and tender chicken that beg you for just another bite. Plus it's SUPER freezer friendly! How awesome is that!

From Russia to Vietnam to taste a delicious soup known as Pho: rice noodle with beef broth enriched with mint, lime and soy bean sprouts.#TUTTOFOOD2017 #FoodOnTour


Pilaf with rose hips

Pilaf with rose hips | Soviet Cooking | Almost forgotten recipes