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ロシア料理 ダイエット

サワークリームロシア料理 神戸中央区マトリョーシカ ボルシチ ウォッカ バラライカ.


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Authentic Ukha Fish Soup (Уха)

Rustic and Authentic Russian Fish Soup and Fish Broth made with Salmon and Trout, enjoyed for hundred of years - Authentic Ukha Fish Soup (Уха)


Крабовый Салат

Russian Style Crab Salad Recipe – Крабовый Салат

Traditional Russian dishes for Christmas Noel: the zakouski.

Pelmeni dough tips. : Внимание тесто замешивается из 2-х сортов муки (серая и белая пшеничная ) пропорции 2/3 части серой и 1/3 часть белой. Очень вкусно, проявляется более ярче вкус начинки и для поджелудочной железы "матрасное " переваревание.

Unlike Oleg's store-bought, no-good, cheater recipe, this is the real thing. You gotta taste it to believe it!

ピンもと:Stupid Easy Paleo

Homemade Red Cabbage Sauerkraut

Red Cabbage Sauerkraut (actually the recipe this time)


How Kefir-Supplemented Diet Does Wonders For Your Digestion

Though kefir has been a rather popular beverage since the pre-medieval era in regions around the Caucasian mountains including east Europe, west Asia and Russia, it’s popularity almost entirely remained in that region. Other foods from the region such as hummus, olives, kebabs etc found their way into the western menu but kefir stayed away ...

Making Kefir - the miracle probiotic drink known for its endless health benefits - The Best Way - Cool Video