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モス メニュー スープ

モス風☆絶品クラムチャウダー レシピ・作り方




Fo gologolopumpkincurry


Easy low fat recipe. Chic breasts, cr. of mushroom soup, onion soup mix, can of mushrooms or fresh. Serve over rice or noodles


35 Christmas Table Decorations Fit for a Festive Holiday Feast

When looking for inspiration for a table setting, try starting with the menu. Squash soup inspired this autumnal palette.

Shark fin and bluefin tuna off Hong Kong government menu: The government of Hong Kong says it would stop serving shark fin, bluefin tuna and black moss at official functions by example, following years of lobbying by conservation groups. #australianetworknews #conservation #getfitandhealthy promotes!


MOSU SF - Seventh bite to get your week started: Sea moss, Foie gras, turnip, scallion soup in a stone bowl #mosu #mosusf #sf #sanfrancisco #fillmore #tasting #tastingmenu #kaiseki #bite #food #restaurant #foodphotography #soup #미역국 #moss #seamoss #foiegras #turnip #scallion photo by @pchangphoto


Classical Art Fashion Comparisions : classical art fashion

classical art fashion

Fried Green Tomatoes

What could be more southern than an all-over crunchy firm tomato that’s been battered into a deep-fried delicacy? Right! Well, according Robert F. Moss, a food historian and writer in South Carolina, “they entered the American culinary scene in the Northeast and Midwest, perhaps with a link to Jewish immigrants, and from there moved onto the menu of the home-economics school of cooking teachers who flourished in the United States in the early-to-mid 20th century.” Who would have…

young, very young peaty and fruity. if you like that new make profile, have a go!


Sweet Potato Chili from