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Marie Rose sauce

Marie Rose sauce - want to see if this tastes like the sauce they used to serve with fish 'n chips at Jack Quinn's

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Marie Rose Sauce

MARIE ROSE SAUCE ~~~ Oh my heavens a potluck with family visiting from the U.K. always means we have Marie Rose sauce with the shrimp and also on boiled eggs. This sauce is to DIE for....I much prefer it to cocktail sauce. You can add cayenne, Tabasco sauce, and/or Worcestershire sauce for variations....but my favorite is just the basics. Pinning this one to hopefully be able to recreate and not have to wait for their next visit! LOL

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Nigel Slater's classic prawn cocktail recipe

Nigel Slater's prawn cocktail. Photograph: Jonathan Lovekin for the Observer


Marie Rose Sauce

This was served from time to time as a salad dressing while I waitered in England, EXCELLENT with shrimp (I believe an Irish traditional shrimp sauce)


!! SYN FREE MARIE-ROSE SAUCE !! Slimming World recipe video - YouTube


Marie Rose sauce recipe. Slimming World


Smoky Grilled Shrimp with Marie Rose Sauce

Pump up your fellow football fans with a #smoky Grilled Shrimp and tangy-sweet Marie Rose Sauce. Prepare & refrigerate the creamy sauce the night before to enjoy its flavors to their fullest. #TailgateTakeover


Avocado & Crab with Marie Rose Sauce

Crab + avocado = a perfect summer lunch recipe that's easy to make and tastes delicious and refreshing.

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Marie Rose Sauce


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Battered Cod with Marie Rose Sauce

Battered Cod with Marie Rose Sauce | Food & Wine