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飛騨市、トビムシ、ロフトワーク、 官民共同事業体「株式会社 飛騨の森でクマは踊る」を設立


Elongate-bodied Springtail - Salina banksi

Meet the Springtails.

Three bizarre-looking springtails, tiny insectlike creatures, have been discovered in a Spanish cave. Springtails are among the most ancient and widespread animals on the planet.(Livescience)

The Montagu Party Springtail- Katianna sp. in Tasmania


Springtails. Ceratophysella sp. by Mick E. Talbot, via Flickr

Sminthurinus atrapallidus + Bourletiella nr viridescens

The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Insects: A natural history and identification guide to beetles, flies, bees wasps, springtails, mayflies, ... crickets, bugs, grasshoppers, fleas, spide