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Katheryn Winnick's Photo

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Lagertha - Katheryn Winnick in Vikings, set in the 9th century (TV series).


Vikings // Travis Fimmel // Ragnar Lothbrok // Katheryn Winnick // Lagertha Lothbrok // Clive Standen // Rollo // Alexander Ludwig // Bjorn Lothbrok


Going Viking On The Ivory Trail - Frontier Partisans


Skyrim: a tale of a Dragonborn - Skyrim: a tale of a Dragonborn

Shiaiya: Minor character. the beauty that started it all. Her father had arranged her marriage to Blade, the son of King Lenor before she was born. In the years leading up to their nuptials, she fell in love with Stone, Blade's twin brother. Blade kills Stone in a Jealous rage, Shiaiya kills herself out of misery. Blade pleads with the gods to give his life for hers, She wakes and finds her husband and her lover dead while she is made a near immortal warrior re-incarnated every 1000 years.

"I play Lagertha, a real shield maiden that existed in that time period in the 8th century and doing my research on it there’s very little information out there. But Michael Hirst [“Vikings” Creator] who wrote the show gave us as much information as we can on how women were portrayed in that society— Katheryn Winnick x


ヴァイキングテレビ番組のLagertha,Lothbrok Lagertha,ヴァイキングの髪型Lagertha,Lagerthaキャサリン,ヴァイキングの女王,少女,ムービー,モデル,Viking Lagertha

Lagertha, Katheryn Winnick, Vikings Also a true badass in real life. Look her up. She could kick your ass!


Katheryn Winnick - Vikings