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エジプト料理 トマト じゃがいも

libyan food: Ejja - Libyan Omelet/Frittata - عجة

Greek Briam- eggplant, zucchini, peppers and potato slow baked in fresh tomato sauce. - Eqypt

photo: Andrew 鐘 on Flickr

Bowl of foul medammas

Spicy potatoes are a popular street snack in Cairo, but they make a great side dish anywhere

ピンもと:Not Quite Nigella

Egyptian Lentil Soup



Kousa Mahshi B'bandoura - stuffed courgette (zuccini) in tomato recipe can also make stuffed tomatoes/peppers/potatoes :)


Basbousa. Good recipe, but weird instructions about butter. there is no butter in this dish. Use 1/8 cup rosewater instead of lemon juice. Yum!!!

British Virgin Islands: Grilled Tuna with Sweet Soy Glaze & Asian Slaw | Caribbean Worldwide International Global Recipes


Du'a (Dukka) A spice and nut mixture that can be sprinkled on salads or pasta dishes, mixed with olive oil and brushed on pita or pizza dough, or coated on chicken or fish and then grilled. You can also take some great bread, dip it in olive oil, then in the Du'a.