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インド料理 屋台

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世界一おいしい! マッサマンカレー

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大切な人のお誕生日をイメージしたディナーメニューです。 男子が好きな、「屋台のイカ焼き」付き〜(笑) ・がっつりステーキ ・屋台のイカ焼き ・カルピスムースケーキ 季節の葡萄のせ ・サービス前菜 スモークサーモンと自家製いくらのセルクル仕立て インドマグロのカルパッチョ レモン風味のオリーブ ピンチョス - 146件のもぐもぐ - 10月のお料理教室♪ by 志野

Most Indians have a special place for food in their heart, especially if it is India’s popular street foods. Read more->>

Momos Dumplings? You bet! Chinese and Japanese cuisines aren’t the only ones that boast of parcels stuffed with fillings. Momos are incredibly popular in India - you’ll find them everywhere, from restaurants to street stalls, push-carts to markets. You can order them with a filling of your choice, whether you feel like chicken, mutton, pork, or cabbage (for vegetarians). And they can either be steamed or fried, though we recommend the steamed version if you ever plan on snacking on a few…


Anda Bhurji - Spicy Scrambled Eggs - Punjabi Style

This riotous mix of color and flavor is not your typical scrambled eggs and is sure to spice up your breakfast! Available from vendor stalls and dhabas throughout North India any hour of the day, Bhurji (meaning scrambled) recipes made using egg or paneer are an extremely popular 'street food' and are eaten practically for any meal. Innumerable regional, local, and individual variations means that every plate of bhurji you try is an all new discovery - so experiment and make it your own!


Malaysian ‘Mamak’ Fried Chicken Recipe From ‘Lady and Pups’

Mandy Lee of Lady and Pups breaks down fried chicken prepared in the mamak style, which is a fusion of flavors from India and Malaysia.


Rajasthan, the royal state of India, is well famous for its delectable street foods and awesome cuisines. Found in almost every street shop or stall, Bikaneri #Kachori is the most favorite amongst the locals.

Street Food Mosque Road - Bangalore

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Spicy Chickpea Salad

Rajat Parr was born in Kolkata in 1972 and didn't leave until he was 22, which explains why Indian flavors are such a big part of his cooking. This sal...