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Candied Coconut Balls from Ghana

Candied Coconut Balls from Ghana: West African Caramel Coconut Balls

Plateau, Abidjan- oh God this is my home


OMG I miss alloco soooooooo much! Alloco is an Ivorian snack made from fried plantain. It is often served with chili pepper and onions. It is popular predominantly in the Ivory Coast and the surrounding African nations. Alloco is widely considered as fast-food and is sold on the streets of Côte d'Ivoire

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Suya - Roast African spicy skewered beef – An irresistible beef Satay with Spicy Peanut Spice Blend – the epitome of West African Street food.

Tilapia - Ghana style....


Ghana Food History | FuFu… African FuFu is a food that originated in Ghana and the word ...

ピンもと:Recipes around the World

Recipes from around the world: Fufu and Lightsoup

Fufu and meat soup. You're supposed to eat it with your hands. As a Ghanaian I enjoy eating this food.