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The Perfect Woman: My Not-So-Perfect Picture of the Proverbs 31 Woman

So maybe I am being a little dramatic but I just can’t be the only woman out there who is more than reluctant to read about “the perfect woman” in Proverbs 31… right? Every morning I read a chapter from the book of Proverbs so on months with 31 days I ine

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Understanding our Roles as Biblical Women

What does God's Word have to say on the subject of Biblical Womanhood? Here are 5 books that every Christian woman should read!

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Your S.W.E.E.T. Guide to Marriage Communication

Ever wish you could take some words back? Said some things better and in a more loving way? Here's a SWEET guide to marriage communication - both an encouragement and a big help! ~ Club31Women

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The Power of Prayer in Our Marriage

結婚コーチング,結婚の夫,聖書の結婚,結婚の真実,結婚のリマインダー,契約結婚,結婚の作品,思考,God'S Marriage

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10 Marriage Tips Every WIFE Needs to Hear

10 Marriage Tips Every WIFE Needs to Hear. #marriage

Are you a smiling wife? Find out to smile more at your man! Your man will thank you for it!


Common Distractions That Derail Moms from God

As moms, we are naturally busy. That is not a question. But busyness can become all-consuming and when we can't even find fifteen minutes to get alone with God, friends, then we're too busy.

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So What Exactly Does It Mean to Be Your Husband's "Helper"

What's the biblical concept behind Eve being created as her husband's "helper"? And does this still apply today? You might find the answer both surprising and very encouraging.... .~ Club31Women

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What Makes Love Hot in a Monogamous Marriage

関係結婚未来,愛する結婚,より良い結婚,秘密の結婚,結婚のもの,敬虔な結婚,人,Romantic Relationship,Marriage Let S Stay

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FREE Galatians Bible Study Daily Schedule and Notebook Pages

FREE Book of Galatians Bible Study Schedule and Notebook Pages!